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Sasa Yoga - Powerful Saturn in Kundli

Sasa Yoga - Powerful Saturn in Kundli

Sasa Yoga due to Shani in a Horoscope gives a person fame, wealth, glamour and authority. Do you have Sasa Yoga in your Kundli?..

Sasa Yoga in Vedic Indian Astrology is guided by the planet Saturn (Shani). For this Yoga, Saturn must be in its own sign (Capricorn or Aquarius) or in exaltation (Libra) and in a Kendra house (also known as cardinal houses – 1, 4, 7, 10). Saturn or Shani stands for powerful and strict disposition. It also signifies the position of authority.

The characteristics bequeathed by this Yoga are because of the nature of Saturn. These characteristics are:

  • Fame, wealth and glamour without intervention flow to people with Sasa Yoga in their horoscope. The person would be appreciated by all.
  • The authoritative nature of Saturn in Sasa Yoga makes the person alike to a king or a minister. He will take pleasure in the bliss of life. Though this commanding temperament makes him tough- hearted.
  • Sasa Yoga is outstanding for professions in police and military as they will be skilful in all of their assignments. It is also fitting for the horoscope of a politician or a director.
  • The person with Sasa Yoga will be well-known. He will be the leader of his family. He may also be the head of a village or town.
  • On the unconstructive side, Sasa yoga points toward a voluptuary tending to play the role of paramour. He may be considered evil by many. He will not be uncertain to grab hold of other people’s riches. He could well be a thief or a dacoit!
  • There will be a strong love for the place of birth. This person will also be able to know the guilt of other people.
  • As far as physical appearance is concerned, the person will have small but protruding teeth and small face. He will have weak loins and long body. He will have eyes resembling the lotus. His hands will contain marks of couch, conch, wheel, garland and lute.
  • A person with Sasa Yog in his Kundli would be shrewd, fickle minded and very valorous. This valiant nature will make him interested in forests and hills.
  • A person with Sasa Yoga would be interested in the fair sex and will be devoted to his mother.
  • According to historical texts by sages, his life span would be of around 70 years.
  • One born with Sasa yoga will be gifted with dependable subordinates.

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Hamsa Yoga - Powerful Jupiter in Kundli

Hamsa Yoga - Powerful Jupiter in Kundli

Hamsa Yoga due to Jupiter in a Horoscope makes a person optimistic, religious, forward thinker and self-sacrificing. Do you have Hamsa Yoga in your Kundli?..

In Vedic Indian Astrology, Hamsa Yoga is said to present in a person's kundli, horoscope or birth chart when Jupiter is in its own sign (Sagittarius or Pisces) or in exaltation (Cancer) and occupies a Kendra House (also known as cardinal houses - 1, 4, 7, 10). The power of the yoga depends on the might of the Lagna and Jupiter and in which Kendra it is ready.

Jupiter is the planet of Religion and hence the person with Hamsa Yoga not only becomes religious but revives true Religion. It is the power and strength of Jupiter which give certain individuality to the person with this Yoga.

The Hamsa Yog characteristics to note are:

  • Hamsa Yoga makes a person optimistic, religious, forward thinker and self-sacrificing.

  • A person with Hamsa Yoga will be well-liked by others as he will be honorable in nature and clean in mind.

  • Certain classical texts state that the person with this Yoga one becomes a king. He will eat pure food. Wealth, righteousness, comforts and devotion are vital aspects of his life.

  • Hamsa yoga could be seen in the horoscope of an educated person, a clergyman or someone who has a good destiny in his life.

  • A person with Hamsa yoga will have the markings of conch, lotus, fish, flag, or a hooked sphere in the palms or sole of his feet.

  • As far as physical features are concerned, one born in Hamsa Yoga will have a rosy face, prominent nose, striking feet and strong virile power. Strong virile power would be because of the strength of Jupiter. The person would be white in skin tone with broad cheeks, ruddy nails, honey-colored and round eyes.

  • Apart from being handsome and good looking, the person with Hamsa Yoga will possess smooth voice, like that of the swan.

  • A person with Hamsa Yoga has fame and liberality and these are significant parts of his life. He will also be fond of sporting in water.

  • Hamsa Yog gives one a long life and some texts say that his end may come in a forest.

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Panch Mahapurush Yoga in Indian Astrology

Panch Mahapurush Yoga in Indian Astrology

Yogas are a very significant aspect of Astrology. Yog or Yoga refers to certain planetary positions in one’s horoscope or birth chart that are known to lead to a definite result and have an effect on the life of an individual. This is a concept somewhat unique to Indian Astrology.

In Panchang or Panchangam (conventional Indian ephemeris), yoga is also the name of a particular distribution of time. These divisions of time are twenty seven in number, though this division is different from the asterisms.

There is not a single horoscope which is without Yogas. The incidence of Yogas studied in a horoscope give insights into new aspects of horoscope interpretation to the astrologer. Identifying the Yog gives a different dimension to the horoscope and is a regular practice at Atoot and its expert astrologers. A horoscope is analyzed for the presence of Yogas as it provides a quick insight into the standard components of a horoscope.

There are factually thousand of Yogas. Out of these thousand of Yogas there are five Yogas which are of major significance. These are known as ‘Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas’ or ‘Panch Mahapurush Yog’. ‘Pancha’ means five, ‘MahaPurusha’ stands for a great person demonstrating characteristics of beauty, power, success, wealth, intelligence, etc. Hence, the ‘Panch Mahapurush Yoga’ refers to the astrological combinations that make a person the master of these qualities. The Panch Maha Purush Yogas are the:

These Yogas correspond to Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Venus respectively. These five Yogas are very easy to locate in a horoscope. At we have full articles devoted to each of these Yogas that we welcome you to read.

An important point to note is that positive Yogas are quite frequent in horoscopes. However, there is no assurance that an individual with positive yogas will always be rich and famous. This is because the position of a particular Yoga in a horoscope is also very important. There is indeed a very strong association between the planets and yogas.

To better understand this, think of it as - the assurances made by a planet are kept only when the ruler of the sign where that planet is placed has a constructive profile in the horoscope. Here, ruler stands for the owner of a house. After all when a planet is placed in a house, it “lives in and rents that house”. If the possessor of a house runs into troubles and tribulations, then the inhabitants of that house will naturally be affected. Thus, positions of planets in different houses affect the planets. Eventually this affects the influence of Yogas.

To make the point further clear, let’s take the help of an example. For instance, when the Moon is in Scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus, it will not be very favorable if Mars (ruler of the house where the Moon is placed) falls in Cancer and Venus (ruler of the house where Jupiter is placed) falls in Virgo. In this situation, the yoga will become approximately imperceptible!

Thus before making a forecast of great fortunes and fame on the basis of Yogas, it is very important to learn the positions of Yogas. has many more articles on Yoga, describing the individual Yogs, their identification and what they stand for. Please feel free to browse our article base for these.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Guna Milan

Guna Milan

The matching of horoscopes is known as Guna Milan or Guna Milap .According to Vedic Astrology,to assess the compatibility of two individuals, their horoscopes need to be matched.

Horoscope Matching or Guna Milan is deeply rooted in Hindu society. It is the primary step before entering into a marriage relationship. An accomplished astrologer is usually consulted to study the matchmaking horoscopes of the boy and girl in question. This is an important step and crucial to make certain a pleasant, fair and strong married relationship.

Guna Milan for match-making is done by referring to ‘Melapak Chart’ given in the Panchang (the Indian Almanac). This chart is considered on the basis of eight factors. These factors are known as 'Kuta'. The matching of these factors is known as Ashtakuta Guna Milap or 36 point match. Out of these thirty six factors,a minimum of eighteen should be matching to ensure compatibility.

The following factors are considered in order to access the prosperity in the married life of the couple :

Varna: It refers to the level of divine development of both male and female. Out of thirty-six points, it contributes one point. If both of them fall in the same Varna then it is considered very auspicious. It refers that the spiritual development is of the same kind. Both will have a close emotional link which is very significant in the formation of a new relationship. At times, both will rouse each other’s energies towards positive work. There will be a mutual assistance in common activities. It is during this mutual assistance that the emotional bondage would be felt. Additionally,family affairs may be well taken care of by both of them. Varna is of much importance. When it matches, it brings out the best in emotional and psychological response between the two.

Vasya: It suggests the degree of attractive control and amenability the wife or husband would be able to work out on the other. This is estimated as per the Moon sign system in Vedic Astrology. It measures dominance compatibility. It is allotted two points, out of the thirty six points. It would be best if both their Moon signs are gracious to each other. This is a very good amalgamation for general reciprocated compatibility. Both of them will have many similar values and hence tend to be friends. Both of them will hold up each other’s imaginative self-expression.

Tara: It is for destiny compatibility and holds three points. Tara suggests the degree of auspiciousness and in- auspiciousness of the girl and boy for each other. It indicates interests and the aptitude to resolve problems through clear thinking and communication . If the Tara matches they can help each other to achieve goals and objectives by inspiring each other and sharing practical information.

Yoni: Yoni contributes four points out of the thirty six points. Yoni means sex and this aspect implies sexual compatibility. It plays a key role in laying down the groundwork for marital happiness. It is conducive for emotional compatibility. If the Yoni matches, both of them will enjoy each other’s company in romantic relationship, games, sports and travel. They will have well-matched taste with respect to culture, art forms and social beliefs, regarding romance and sexual mores.

Grah Maitri: Grah Maitri gives a contribution of five points out of thirty-six points. It accesses the normal behavior, unpredictable compatibility and matching of views and interests of both male and female with each other. It is calculated on the basis of the Lord of the sign in which the Moon is situated. Here the religious, social and ethical values of running a family and maintaining a worthy home life are assessed.

Gana: Gana gives a contribution of six points out of the thirty-six points. It has a bearing on the nature and character of the couple concerned. On the basis of the Moon Nakshatra, the person is categorized in three Ganas. These are:

  • Dev (Divine)
  • Manushya (Human)
  • Rakshasha (Diabolical)
It is said if there is disparity in Gana, there will be quarrels and dissonance in relationships over financial management, inheritance and alimony settlements. There could be a possibility of dishonest or insincere association.

Nadi: Nadi provides eight points out of thirty-six points in total. It is considered the most important amongst the aspects considered. It is believed that the pair having the same Nadi will have to endure hardship due to their child. Either there may be some offspring related problems or the girl or the boy will not able to sustain in childbirth.

It takes a deeper look at the compatibility between the two – mental, religious, corporeal and sub-conscious . The Nadi inconsistency between two people is also called Nadi Dosha and generally regarded as a firm reason for denial of a marriage.

There are three different Nadis. These are:

  • Adi (start)
  • Madhya (middle)
  • Antya (end)
These three represent Prakriti (nature) of an individual that is his/her body constitution. As per Ayurveda there are three different Prakritis. These are:
  • Kaph
  • Vaat
  • Pita
Bhakoot: Bhakoot or Bhukta contributes seven points out of thirty-six points. It accesses whether the pair will have the ability to achieve physical condition, accord, contentment, prolonged existence and prosperity, in order to live a happy life together . It is determined by comparing the arrangement of one's Moon Sign from the other's Moon Sign. If the combination is not harmonious, the couple may be dishonest and deceitful towards each other. At the same time, this may not be good for progeny either. There may be a danger of a miscarriage or premature demise of the child.

Note that while Guna Milan is an integral part of matchmaking, but it is not the only thing that should be considered. Longevity, Health, Wealth, Children and overlapping Vimshottari Dashas are some additional considerations that should be looked at. provides excellent astrology matchmaking services:

The Guna Milan Report provides the Guna Milan for matchmaking purposes.

The Matchmaking Report is a more comprehensive assessment that includes the Guna Milan and explains the compatibility across various factors.

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